14 Best Tourist Attractions in Seoul

Combining culture, cuisine, history, and art in exactly one engaging town, South Korea’s capital definitely has hundreds going for it and is well value visiting if you have got the possibility. national capital offers AN intoxicating mixture of recent and new. Ancient temples and palaces lie aspect by aspect with lofty skyscrapers, thriving looking, and sleek, trendy buildings.

As well as being the economic and political capital of the country, Seoul’s metropolis is home to over twenty five million individuals – this makes it out and away the biggest town in Asian country. Thankfully, it’s fine organized, therefore visiting its several sights and attractions shouldn’t cause any issues.

Tourist Attractions in Seoul

In addition to its cultural landmarks, national capital could be a nice town if you’re into food. Even the foremost non-descript street stand can sell wonderful Korean fare. looking is additionally very fashionable and also the active streets ar home to a full vary of outlets that sell the newest designer things. With one thing for everybody to relish, national capital very will have it all.

14. Insadong

If souvenirs ar what you’re when, then Insadong is that the place for you. The neighborhood is home to different store stores and antique outlets merchandising ancient Korean crafts and trinkets.

Tea outlets and art galleries can even be found here, and its backstreet alleys ar home to some pleasant garden restaurants.

Insadong is a large amount of fun to explore; the normal Bosingak tent and trendy Jongno Tower absolutely highlight the various sides of the neighborhood, with each being equally impressive.

13. Myeongdong looking Street

Appropriately that means ‘bright tunnel’, Myeongdong looking Street definitely will want one as you’re hemmed in on all sides by bright, colourful signs.

One of the foremost well-liked looking streets within the town, it’s a desirable place to individuals watch. You’ll notice all sorts of individuals flocking here to shop for product from the endless outlets that line the road.

With variant restaurants and food stands on supply, it’s additionally a good place to do out some delicious street food.

12. Hangang Park

Bordering the Han dynasty stream that flows through national capital, Hangang Park really consists of thirteen distinct parks and there ar different leisure activities for guests to relish.

With swimming pools, bike ways and soccer pitches lying aboard lawn tennis courts and enormous inexperienced areas, there’s one thing for everybody, and there also are variant watersports on supply like water travel and aquatics.

Relaxing amongst the character of Hangang Park can refresh you and leave you able to explore the remainder of Seoul’s superb sights.

11. Bukhansan parkland

An absolute should for nature lovers, Bukhansan parkland contains terrific forests, lovely temples and also the 3 peaks of Baekundae, Insubong, and Mangnyeongdae – all of that ar nice to hike.

Overlooking national capital, the scenery is gorgeous. pretty very little ancient temples ar tucked away here and there amidst the pristine nature. Despite the park’s overwhelming quality, it’s still potential to seek out secluded spots to relax and absorb the fabulous views.

Among the numerous highlights on show is that the historic Bukhansanseong defensive structure and its winding wall, that snakes its approach therefore delightfully on the hills and mountainsides of the parkland.

10. Namsangol Hanok Village

This re-creation of a standard Joseon Dynasty-era village is extremely fascinating to wander around and will a good job of capturing what life was like long ago for each royalty and commoners alike.

Located at the bottom of Mount Namsan, the Hanok homes ar lovely to lay eyes on. The reconstructed interiors show you what a military official, peasant and nobleman’s homes would have sounded like.

A great day trip for all of the family, Namsangol Hanok Village is simply as diverting because it is informative and academic.

9. monkfish World

Loads of fun to go to, monkfish World is home to the world’s largest indoor commons. If that wasn’t enough, there’s additionally a vast shopping precinct and outlet.

A very well-liked attraction amongst locals, monkfish World is extremely abundant Seoul’s version of amusement park. youngsters can barely be able to contain themselves once they see all the rides.

Whether it’s splashing log rides that you’re when or the hormone crammed ‘French Revolution’ roller coaster, monkfish World is one among the simplest places in national capital if you’re trying to find a fun outing.

8. Bukchon Hanok Village

Full of ancient Hanok homes, Bukchon is extremely picturesque to run around and also the slender winding alleys worship different nice icon opportunities.

These sorts of homes were engineered throughout the 14th-century rule of the Joseon family line, and Bukchon Hanok Village is currently a protected space that preserves South Korea’s wealthy cultural heritage.

You can enter a number of the Hanok homes and at a number of them, you’ll be able to seek ancient arts and crafts and learn to play Korean instruments.

7. Namdaemun Market

The largest and oldest market in Asian country, Namdaemun could be a active place to go to. you’ll be able to obtain something from low-cost jewellery and garments to ancient souvenirs and physical science.

A very well-liked place among tourists and locals, there’s a dynamic feel regarding the market, with colourful advertisements setting out at you from each angle.

With variant nice restaurants and food stalls, it’s additionally a pleasant spot to go if you would like to sample a number of Seoul’s fantastic street food.

6. Deoksugung Palace

Built throughout the fifteenth century, Deoksugung Palace showcases AN intoxicating mixture of Western and Korean branch of knowledge designs, with the gardens trying notably European.

One of the 5 Grand Palaces within the town, Deoksugung was deliberately destroyed throughout the japanese occupation of Asian country, and plenty of of today’s buildings ar reconstructions. whereas visiting, ensure to envision out the spectacular sculpture of Sejong the nice – a Joseon family line king.

The palace advanced is fascinating to wander around and Daehanmun Gate and Deokhongjeon Hall ar attractive to lay eyes on, whereas Seokjojeon Hall wouldn’t look out of place in Europe with its neo-classical options.

5. Noryangjin Fish Market

If you would like to do delicious fish and food, Noryangjin Fish Market is that the place for you.

The oldest ANd largest fish market within the town could be a spirited place; the simplest time to expertise all the hustle and bustle is at three am once an auction of the simplest catches takes place.

Noryangjin could be a fun place to prevent by. You’ll be surprised in the least the fish on show. There ar variant very little food stands and restaurants and also the cannon fodder is mouthwatering.

4. Leeum Samsung depository of Art

With an exquisite assortment of each Korean and international art on show, the Leeum Samsung depository of Art could be a dream to go to.

Both ancient and trendy artworks ar delineate in its galleries and a few of the ceramic arts and paintings ar attractive. for example, Jeong Seon’s The Diamond Mountains is especially lovely; they very do seem like the mountains you see scattered regarding Asian country.

Of the trendy art items, you’ll be able to typically notice a crowd gathered around Basquiat’s Untitled (Black Figure), that is therefore beguiling with its graffiti vogue and scribbled paint.

3. Cheonggyecheon

Wandering on this artificial stream that runs through national capital is AN more and more well-liked factor to do; Cheonggyecheon’s peaceful ambiance causes you to want you’re 1,000,000 miles from the city’s active streets.

Plants and trees line the scenic walkways that border the stream. At night, street performers placed on diversion whereas lightweight shows therefore prettily illuminate the water.

A tranquil spot, use Cheonggyecheon’s secluded ways to induce regarding town with ease.

2. Bongeunsa Temple

This pleasant Buddhist temple was supported in 794 on the slopes of Sudo Mountain. It somehow stills retains its peaceful atmosphere despite the skyscrapers that currently arise around it.

A popular tourer destination, Bongeunsa is that the largest and wealthiest temple within the capital. this can be visible within the terrific carvings of Gautama that coat the inside of the temple and also the spectacularly manicured gardens close it.

There is variant superb design on show, of that the colourful Main Buddha Hall is that the unquestionable highlight. guests can even prefer to lead the lifetime of a Buddhist monk for many hours and study Buddhist culture and traditions.

1. Dongdaemun style Plaza

Founded in 2014, Dongdaemun style Plaza’s neo-futuristic building is marketed as an area wherever you’ll be able to ‘Dream, Design, Play’ – and it definitely will live up to its shibboleth.

Inside the 5 vast halls, you’ll be able to notice the planning depository, that offers a motivating look into innovative and artistic Korean styles, also because the style Market, wherever you’ll be able to seek new inventions and knowledge fashionable technologies that have simply hit the market.

There is hundreds to check and do, and various conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and fashion shows ar hosted here, therefore keep a watch out for any event that notably interests you.

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